Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Week 7 - Chicago

Hey y'all,

I can't believe the summer is almost over! I feel like it just started. I hope you all are enjoying your summer vacation.

This week was full of teaching appointments which I'm so grateful for. Some of our investigators are really progressing and others.. well I guess are not ready for the gospel just yet :) I think I'm slowly understanding why people say missions are hard because you really put so much time, thought, prayer and emotion into people who turns ya down. But theyre find the truth eventually. I'm enjoying every twist and turn. Every lesson is taught differently to every person and you never quite know what you're walking into :) Weve already have had some really... odd lessons with odd investigators beliefs that has been quite entertaining to say the least.

 Yesterday one of our investigators whose been trying to get off work on Sundays for weeks got to come and we were overjoyed! On one of my first days, my trainer stopped a Filipino man named John on his bike and we've been teaching him ever since. He kept showing us his tie hes going to wear to church and it was a miracle that his boss's heart was soften.

Now I am a firm believer that God puts people in your path for specific reasons. We were leaving a nursing home after visiting one of our investigators when a woman stopped and asked us if we would give a spiritual message to her dying brother. We were so excited to teach the Plan of Salvation that we were practically skipping down the hallway when a worker stops us in our tracks and started freaking out. Luckily she was a member. She got caught up in an awful controlling relationship for years and hasn't been anywhere but her home and work. She said the one thing that kept her going was her faith in the Book of Mormon and Jesus Christ loves for her. She escaped this relationship a few weeks ago and has been praying to find the church. We happily gave the address and now were teaching her the gospel again. It was so powerful to me that God puts everyone in your life there for a reason but you must talk to them in order to know why they're put there. I love y'all!!

Sister Emily Coley

D&C 93: 10-20 is an incredible study on how Jesus Christ became perfect. Highly recommend!

Photos: 1. Biking to church with John 2. Park we like to contact in 3. Heading towards the Promise Land ;)

Week 6 - Chicago

Hey y'all :)

Wow so many great blessings happened. Sis. Robertson and I sat down and said we don't want to just be missionaries but we wanted to be legendary missionaries with big goals fully trusting in God that he will provide a way and sure enough that was our week. Full of prayers, referrals and lessons and we had FUN! 

We were told that this area was a dead area for months. We are right at the boarders of Chicago which means there is a third of people below the poverty level and Id say nearly 75% knows English as a second language. However this means the people are so humble and willing to believe that God will bless them. Every street is basically like entering a new country. I feel so blessed. I really feel like I've got the cream of the crop and I can picture this place thriving in the gospel. 

So far I've learned how to contact people in Taglong, Spanish, ASL and a bit of Italian. But whats cool is I learned ASL in high school and I've been able to interpret the sacrament meeting to a Deaf member which has been awesome.  

Cool miracle, last week people would ask for appointments on Wednesday but I kept feeling like something was on that day so we would change days. I was so surprise when Wednesday came and we had nothing to do but find! Sure enough we were contacting and met Melanie who wasn't doing anything so we toured her around the church building and the Spirit was super strong. In the middle of the tour, a member called and ask if we could met his old medical professor who's going through a hard time and the only time he could was tonight!! After that dinner we got a Book of Mormon referral (those are the best) and met a Filipino couple who is searching for modern revelation! We got 5 new investigators in one day all thanks to the Lord preparing these people!! 

Other amazing blessing, we went to church after inviting several of our investigators to come but really only expected two to be there. We showed up and there were 7 all willing to stay and the ward members were jumping all over making sure they felt welcome and loved. It was so beautiful, were going to have a crazy next week but are goal is to average 3 lessons a day. 

I cant believe how much the Lord has blessed us and Im filled with his joy. When were willing to give ourselves to God, he can perform mighty miracles that will go above and beyond our expectations. Have a great week! 

Sister Emily Coley 

Alma 22: 12-13 


1. Victory ice cream 2. My trainer hit her year mark so a member took us for deep dish pizza 3. Sisters missionaries in our ward 4. Chicago

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Week 5 - Chicago

Hey yall

Happy Pioneer Day! Man today our train stopped and we waited for two hours so I'm running out of time to email so I'll make this fast. 

This week flew by! Holy cow! We were running from Bible referrals to finding to teaching back and forth all week. It's been really powerful and so ,any miracles keep coming! It's so cool! 

First cool story (and it will probably sound way more exaggerated then it actually was). We unwisely did not bring water bottles and we were racing across town for Bible referrals for about 5 hours in 90 degree heat and high humidity. Also I had crash my bike twice and my right leg was bleeding down the side of my leg (fun fact you cant catch yourself if you wear pencil skirts). In addition an older man named Cierco started chastising and yelling at us for being fake Christians and my trainer wouldnt leave (remember him hes important later) for a long time. Anyway were dehydrated, hot, I'm bleeding, and I keep praying if we are actually genuine and sincere in sharing the gospel. Finally we stopped at a McDonalds and get free water (huge blessing). A man walks up and says "You know it could be worse." And started telling us story about biking 30 miles everyday as a taxi biker to fed his children. Then he said we were the most genuinely nice people. Then got on the subject about our religion and actually set up an appointment. I truly know that God cares about all of us and he personally answered my prayer through that man at McDonald's. 

Now back to Cierco. I had no love for this man but my trainer decided to call him anyway. Sure enough he picks up and started to rebuke us again... but then he pauses and says sisters I had a dream about you two last night. And I know that you talked to me for a reason and I want to know why. Through the power of the Spirit I felt so much love for this man and interpreted his dream. We've now been teaching him for the past two days and its been a huge miracle and eye opening experience. I'm so glad God sent him to us and he listen. 

I love this gospel so much, and I love seeing miracles every day. I hope you all see them in your own life and have a wonderful week! 

Sister Emily Coley 

1 Nephi 13: 39-43 All about missionary work in the last days and is powerful.

Week 4 - Chicago

Hey y'all :)

Holy cow I can't believe I'm actually here! I was pretty sad leaving the MTC but super excited to learn and apply what I've learned to the people here. And holy cow I was humbled really fasted. Missionary life is different than I imagined -for better and for worst. 

My first day was amazing! We got up at 3 AM and caught our flight in which at the airport we were treating like celebrities. There were people staring and offering us their phones to call from, and even buying us breakfast. Super cool and grateful but the second we came to Chicago it was the exact opposite. It was hilarious! We took a train downtown to see the Bean and famous skyscrapers which was so cool and high and we were also able to pass along a Book of Mormon too! I was so happy. Later that night we ate deep dish pizza and accidentally started a mini fire in the mission home (super funny, totally the Presidents fault and nothing was damaged except pizza) then met our trainers. One of the best days ever. 

I got super lucky and I'm serving in the Chicago 1st ward which is about 2 train stops from the heart of the city and 3 stops away from the airport. Its awesome! Ive already met someone who immigrated here from every continent twice now. Its super diverse but also pretty poor. Ive never truly realize how bless I am to know English, have a nice home and be able to go to college. Theres every type of religion here too so people are really open to sharing beliefs and sometimes arguing their beliefs too.

My trainer is Sis Robertson whose very overly perky and incredible at contacting! She talks more to other people than me which is super cool. We are white washing the area and the old Elders never used Areabook either which I guess is super stressful. Haha were also in an 17 yr old Elders apartment! I've never gagged so much in my life! It's been hilarious what we've found. I love it here

Oo and were in the only sister biking area in the mission which has been an adventure. A cool miracle that happened, we needed to get me a bike because walking takes forever. So we called some members and no one had bikes so I figured Id have to pay my $125 for a bike Ill only use for a few transfers. The day we were going to buy one we had an appointment (who cancelled) a member called offering to not only give us her really nice mountain bike, but to also deliver it to us in time for our appointment! It was a huge tender mercy. 

Anyway I love you all, I'm going to walk around a Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier. Have a wonderful week :) 

Sister Emily Coley 

Omni 1:25 short, sweet and to the point. 

Monday, July 10, 2017

Week 3 - MTC & Chicago

They left the MTC on Monday, July 10th at 4:30 am. Their flight was delayed until 9:30 but they did arrive.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Week 2 - MTC

Hey y'all :) 

Yep my P day is on Tuesday and its been a very VERY great week. I truly love the MTC. Everyone here is super positive, a bit stressed but happy and the Spirit can be found everywhere! The teachers are amazing and really can relate to you.

This week is also super special because they just opened a new MTC building (its gorgeous!) And my district is some of the lucky few who has classes in there. And because it just barely opened we've been told that every apostle will be on campus this week!!! How cool is that?! I'm truly blessed and my companion and I are always on the hunt to see one. 

My companion is from Louisiana and her name is Sis. Bonham and she actually was next door neighbors to our mission president. Crazy. Shes super kind, sorta reserved but very competitive and driven. Shes really good and teaching the doctrine and I love applying it to today's world and share experiences. We work really well together. 

Ooo speaking about teaching, I absolutely love it! It reminds me so much of performing in Marching Band. You plan, prepare, pray then get super nervous right before. Then it works out great and you feel so much love while we talk to our investigators, then you just want to sleep afterwards. I love it! At the MTC they're having us teach 3 investigators 45 min lessons every day. Its nuts but super satisfying.

I must admit though I had a huge humbling experience with an investigator. She told us super personal information and that her brother had recently died and start to cry. I had no idea what to do except pray and cry with her. In a shaky voice I bore my testimony and the room was so full of love and pain. I really am looking forward to helping her but man it will take a lot of preparation. 

Whats also crazy is on Sunday my companion and I were called as Sister Training Leaders which makes us responsible for helping 20 sisters and fit their needs. We are in charge of orientations, interviewing, conducting and helping those who are sick or discourage, etc. Ive truly been humbled but I love the girls already and we have 12 more coming tomorrow! So pumped for them. 

Anyways I've got to go to go sing for Elder Bednar tonight. I love you all so much. Have a wonderful week!!! 

Sister Emily Coley 

1 John 4:7-16 (we crafted a whole lesson around it and the Spirit was so strong

Photos: 1 my companion 2. View from our study spot 3-4. Us reenacting murals found in the new buildings  

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Week 1 - MTC

 Skyping Tyler

 Attending the Salt Lake Temple

 Eating at her favorite place Bucket of Crawfish
 Visiting family after her farewell

Finishing 2 finals at UVU in order to get 
her associates degree before packing.

Arriving at the MTC

Week 7 - Chicago

Hey y'all, I can't believe the summer is almost over! I feel like it just started. I hope you all are enjoying your summer vacat...