Saturday, September 23, 2017

Week 13 - Chicago

Hey y'all

This week has been the biggest highs and biggest lows I've ever experience in my life. And Id do it all again in a heartbeat because of how close I felt to Christ. Like everything in life there's opposition in all things. There's happy times and then there's sad times. But in the end, you can always choose to be joyful because Christ is always standing by you ready to help. This week was very challenging and trying but it doesn't matter now. This week was filled with joy and miracles.

Our President allowed us to go to the temple which was exactly what I needed. I forgot what a sweet peaceful Spirit the temple can bring. As soon as I saw a glimpse of Angel Moroni, I felt so much love burn within me as if I was going home after a long vacation. All those who live close to the temple, I strongly encourage going. I truly believe that the temple contains a hope and joy that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The temples provides the best atmosphere to experience a glimpse of what heaven is like. It is my fondest dream for my investigators to experience that. Game on!

Elder Renlund came on Friday and we were all so excited and he do not disappoint. I was the first one to shake his hand and within those few seconds I knew that he cared and really loved me and appreciated all the work and sacrifice I've put in. I was in tears, I felt the Spirit so strong. There were 3 Seventy members and it was interesting because they all talked about having unshakable faith in Christ and how that leads to joy. Elder Renlund explained that if you are always working hard to be the best child of God you can be and have a positive attitude in every situation throughout your life, you will know Jesus Christ's personality, ambitions, and be filled with incomprehensible joy. I want that so bad. It was life-change. Email me if you want my notes at all :)

Sure enough, with so much joy and good, rouh things happen. One hour after Elder Renlund talked to us, one of our Filipino investigator went into her baptismal interview, decided she couldnt and wouldnt pay tithing, gave us back the Book of Mormon and all of the pamphlets and dropped us. We were stunned. I was really sad but I remembered what Elder Renlund said about having joy in every circumstance and determined that she wasn't quite ready. But there's so many people in this area who are ready, and Sis Robertson and I just went contacting people as if our life depends on it. We talked to everyone in our path and we sure found some faithful people. Satan will do everything he can to distract, belittle and cloud our thoughts with darkness, but we can choose to fight him. And when we do, the heavens are opened and we are filled with light.

Also I am incredibly grateful for the gift of the Holy Ghost because it probably saved me a trip to the hospital. My front brakes and gear shift is completely bent out, so the past week I've been going on the same gear rattling everywhere and its been taking me a lot longer to stop. On Saturday I woke up thinking I need to go to the bike store. Unfortunately it was a Saturday and Mexican holiday so its prime time to go finding. My trainer and I discussed and sure enough we made the long trek to the bike store. With gears running and brakes in working we were riding down the road when a car came speeding down an alleyway. Thankfully, I stopped in time with 6 inches to spare. Always always listen to the Spirit :) you'll never be wrong!

Also this week our mission was 1 of 12 missions (out of the 426 out there) to pilot the use of smartphones! From now on, people entering my mission will buy Galaxy J3 Prime phones instead of tablets. This means we get a hot spot with 2 GB of data and copy/paste in text messages which is super helpful. But where much is given, much is wanted. Our President says that if our numbers don't increase then the church will not continue this idea of smartphones for future missionaries. I'm so grateful and very humble because I know this mission can be worthy of this temptation. And I know as we use this tool wisely, our areas will start to blossom before our eyes (also Elder Renlund said it would too). :)

Have the best week ever!! Sorry this message was long and preach-y but I really felt like I should testify :)

Sister Emily Coley

D&C 68: 4-6 

1. Waiting for Elder Renlund 
2. My Zone outside of the temple 
3. The whole mission with Elder Renlund, Elder and Sister Nattress, Elder Taylor, and Elder and Sister Scott.
4. Smartphones!! 


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