Friday, September 15, 2017

Week 11 - Chicago

Hey y'all :)

Happy Labor Day! I hope you all enjoy this awkward holiday where you randomly get to relax.

 Its been a long rough week but great things are happening here! It was New Missionary Training on Friday which you always get the greatest advice from it. We talked about how Satan can eliminate agency and how really we as missionaries are there to give Gods children the best chance at choosing good over evil again. It really opened my eyes to how much were constantly fighting the natural man in us and how crucial it is that we keep choosing God. It was fascinating.

I love our investagators so much! I love seeing how young and new they are to the gospel  an how much they grow over time. Were teaching a retired Filipano named Erlinda who will hopefully be baptized on the 23rd and asked her to pray. And it was the most beautiful (and very long) prayer where she blessed each one of my siblings, my home back in Utah, bore her testimony of how she needs Jesus Christ everyday, etc. etc. and I felt the Spirit so strong. She also calls us her adopted daughters (sorry Mom 😉). I love her. Or like we were teaching John  about missionary work and he said "what mission work  must be easy." Then turns to our member  "will you go to church tomorrow?" The member said heistantly "Yes.." Then he turns back to us and says "See Im at 100% so far." We were dying. I love them SO much. 

Holy cow then church is always nuts but especially this time. Weve been teaching this retired medical professors couple in which they just want hardcore evidence which is the opposite of faith. We invited them to be baptized last week and they werent interested. Then we couldnt get a lesson with them this week, so we were fearing the worst. Then sure enough we see them in sacrament! We started to get excited then we pulled them aside afterwards and they said weve decided we want to be baptized!!! We feel the difference in our home when you leave, we feel it here over our faith, and we are closer as a couple because of you two girls! We were ecstatic!

Oo and cool story, we were spanish contacting and meet this guy named Rudopho who the second we made contact just went on and on about his love for Jesus Christ. I love hearing that except my trainer and I know a handful of Spanish words between the two of us. I was amazed though because while this guy was speaking some of his words start to click in my mind and started to get sentences formed. I then bore my testimony and actually managed to set him an appointment with the Spanish Elders. Afterwards I couldnt remember what I said but my trainer was stunned. She asked if I knew Spanish. Man, the Holy Ghost is so real. Oh my goodness then at church we actually saw him!! Theres a picture of us below. We were so excited! That like never happens.

Anyway so many great things just keep happening. I love being out on a mission its been the most rewarding experience ever thus far. Theres some pictures below of us at the Lincoln Zo. The giraffes and alpecas were hilarious and by far the best. Have a great week!

Sister Emily Coley

2 Nephi 2:5, 11  Ponder what would happen if evil wins? What if good wins? How will you feel?

Photos: 1. Sisters with a zebra 2. My favorite animal 3. Sis Bonham 4. Outside our apartment! 5. City skyline 6. Rudopho 7. My favorite animal to watch. 

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