Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Week 9 - Chicago

Hey everyone!

Good luck to those going back to school, Im sure glad Im not! 😋

So I admit this week has been rough but extraordinary. On Monday night, we noticed red bumps lining our arms and legs. Sure enough we have bed bugs! Weve been wrestling with them all week by using medience, spray and cleaning our sheets every other day at the Laundromat. Its been a long battle but I think were winning ...slowly :) Luckily weve made some good contacts at the Laundrymat because theyre not going anywhere for the next hour either :) (muwhaha)

In addition, my tire went flat on Saturday evening and every bike store was closed by then. So weve been walking, hitching rides and using our Pday at this bike store. But weve been blessed so much from it. Members have really helped us out and we got to serve some people with a fuming engine. Through all of this, Ive been humbled to appreciate simple things like a mode of transportation, food, and a bug-free bed.

On the flip side, weve had a really successful teaching week. I went on my first exchange with Sis. DeFriez and had some fun. She allowed me to led and really teach the disscussions which totally helped me see what I still need to learn from Sis Robertson. It was also transfers and we are not going anywhere (despite this being my companions 5th transfer here)!! Were so happy, I cant wait to see what this area can look like in another 6 weeks.

Holy cow, please pray for our investagator John. His baptism is this Sunday and he is absolutely solid and golden! He had his interview last night and it was intense. Haha I felt like a worried parent. I was pacing everywhere and time was frozen in place! I absolutely cant wait until Sunday, pray for him.

With all of this excitement of our 5 Filipano investagators, the relief society threw a Filipano Party in which we feasted on their INCREDIBLE food, whacked a pig pinata, and our members really went out of their way to get to know them. Im so grateful for this party. All of our investagators said they felt like they belonged. I can only wait to see how this will boast them in their conversion.

Have an incredible week!! 

Sister Emily Coley

Helaman 15:6 the antidote to any laziness or tiredness is diligence and work.

Photos: 1. Sis. DeFriez and I after a long day 2. Pig Pinata 3. Lines of food there 4. Us with John (we love him so much) 

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