Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Week 7 - Chicago

Hey y'all,

I can't believe the summer is almost over! I feel like it just started. I hope you all are enjoying your summer vacation.

This week was full of teaching appointments which I'm so grateful for. Some of our investigators are really progressing and others.. well I guess are not ready for the gospel just yet :) I think I'm slowly understanding why people say missions are hard because you really put so much time, thought, prayer and emotion into people who turns ya down. But theyre find the truth eventually. I'm enjoying every twist and turn. Every lesson is taught differently to every person and you never quite know what you're walking into :) Weve already have had some really... odd lessons with odd investigators beliefs that has been quite entertaining to say the least.

 Yesterday one of our investigators whose been trying to get off work on Sundays for weeks got to come and we were overjoyed! On one of my first days, my trainer stopped a Filipino man named John on his bike and we've been teaching him ever since. He kept showing us his tie hes going to wear to church and it was a miracle that his boss's heart was soften.

Now I am a firm believer that God puts people in your path for specific reasons. We were leaving a nursing home after visiting one of our investigators when a woman stopped and asked us if we would give a spiritual message to her dying brother. We were so excited to teach the Plan of Salvation that we were practically skipping down the hallway when a worker stops us in our tracks and started freaking out. Luckily she was a member. She got caught up in an awful controlling relationship for years and hasn't been anywhere but her home and work. She said the one thing that kept her going was her faith in the Book of Mormon and Jesus Christ loves for her. She escaped this relationship a few weeks ago and has been praying to find the church. We happily gave the address and now were teaching her the gospel again. It was so powerful to me that God puts everyone in your life there for a reason but you must talk to them in order to know why they're put there. I love y'all!!

Sister Emily Coley

D&C 93: 10-20 is an incredible study on how Jesus Christ became perfect. Highly recommend!

Photos: 1. Biking to church with John 2. Park we like to contact in 3. Heading towards the Promise Land ;)

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