Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Week 5 - Chicago

Hey yall

Happy Pioneer Day! Man today our train stopped and we waited for two hours so I'm running out of time to email so I'll make this fast. 

This week flew by! Holy cow! We were running from Bible referrals to finding to teaching back and forth all week. It's been really powerful and so ,any miracles keep coming! It's so cool! 

First cool story (and it will probably sound way more exaggerated then it actually was). We unwisely did not bring water bottles and we were racing across town for Bible referrals for about 5 hours in 90 degree heat and high humidity. Also I had crash my bike twice and my right leg was bleeding down the side of my leg (fun fact you cant catch yourself if you wear pencil skirts). In addition an older man named Cierco started chastising and yelling at us for being fake Christians and my trainer wouldnt leave (remember him hes important later) for a long time. Anyway were dehydrated, hot, I'm bleeding, and I keep praying if we are actually genuine and sincere in sharing the gospel. Finally we stopped at a McDonalds and get free water (huge blessing). A man walks up and says "You know it could be worse." And started telling us story about biking 30 miles everyday as a taxi biker to fed his children. Then he said we were the most genuinely nice people. Then got on the subject about our religion and actually set up an appointment. I truly know that God cares about all of us and he personally answered my prayer through that man at McDonald's. 

Now back to Cierco. I had no love for this man but my trainer decided to call him anyway. Sure enough he picks up and started to rebuke us again... but then he pauses and says sisters I had a dream about you two last night. And I know that you talked to me for a reason and I want to know why. Through the power of the Spirit I felt so much love for this man and interpreted his dream. We've now been teaching him for the past two days and its been a huge miracle and eye opening experience. I'm so glad God sent him to us and he listen. 

I love this gospel so much, and I love seeing miracles every day. I hope you all see them in your own life and have a wonderful week! 

Sister Emily Coley 

1 Nephi 13: 39-43 All about missionary work in the last days and is powerful.

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